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iMesh 12 ti dà accesso a più di 15 milioni tra canzoni e video in modo del tutto legale e gratuito! Sincronizza il tuo smartphone, ascolta stazioni radio, scopri nuovi artisti e condividi la musica che ami con persone come te!

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personalizzata dei tuoi artisti preferiti

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Scarica tutta la tua musica sul tuo
smartphone o lettore MP3

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Condividi la musica che ami con persone come te

Scarica Gratuitamente iMesh

The Internet has changed how we listen to music. In the late 90s, music became widely available with the advent of the MP3 file format and the ease of downloading them to an MP3 player. The last few years have seen a complete change in the online music industry. P2P file sharing programs that allow users to share files with others have made a profound impact on the music industry and on downloading in general. A massive increase in Internet speeds and the launch of iPod created the right catalyst for people to download songs. The Apple iPod music player changed the way we listen to music. Prior to iPods, people used to have CDs/DVDs of music racked up at home. The iPod allowed an entire catalogue of music to be stored on a single portable device. In fact, the latest generation of iPods can store up to 50,000 songs. iMesh has the latest hip-hop or rock/pop songs, all readily available for downloaded. So just click away and download your favorite songs for free!

iMesh makes it easy to share and download songs on its peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The powerful search feature quickly filters through an exhaustive amount of songs, providing exactly what you're looking for. The songs are in MP3 format which can be transferred and played on an iPod of any generation. The latest version of iMesh allows you to transfer other media files like video. You can even download and share multiple songs and videos at the same time. The new version also has many cool social networking features which help users interact and make new friends. iMesh is completely legal and has been approved by the Recording Industry Associates of America (RIAA).

iMesh offers premium content pursuant to license agreements with rights holders